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Sweet days in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Wake up to a pink sky and clouds rolling over the hills. Sometimes foggy, sometimes not, but always inspiring and full of hope, the sweet scene welcomes us into a new day. There is no day with the same picture over the hills which is constantly changing with the change of the light.

Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain, one across from another, look over the small village of Banner Elk where you will probably have mountain dinners or a cup of coffee between your hikes. Short hikes, like Beacon Heights Trail, give a stunning view of the mountains, while Linville Falls hike overlooks the waterfall with the same name. Something special could be Grandfather’s swinging bridge with 360 degree mountain views. Don’t forget to take Blue Ridge Parkway drive, stopping at many lookouts to admire the Blue Ridge Mountains in their full beautifulness. On the way to Boone, Price Lake will take a few more of your breaths while clouds draw another picture of themselves reflecting on the surface of the lake. Need some shopping? Boone’s shopping mall is ready for you.

And at the end of the day a bedtime story is waiting from your terrace, coming in passionately colorful sunsets, while a dash of wind gently blows your hair. And then you will see them in BLUE...

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