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Winter in North Fork

Less than 2 hours from NYC lays a beach community - North Fork. You could have the best of both worlds. Wake up at the beach, spend a day in busy NYC and still be back home for an unforgettable sunset. Many apartments are available from November till May at very reasonable price. By choosing a place near the Peconic Bay where it is less windy your time at the beach will surely be much longer. If you don’t mind stronger winds and especially waves the Hamptons may be a better choice for you. Maybe you will even experience snow at the beach! Also there are plenty of vineyards and farms around so you cannot find a more peaceful place for your winter break. It’s perfect for writers, artists, or anyone else :)

While strolling through villages the smell of lemon peels might invite you to try something new like ‘olive cake’. Or you might taste a variety of cheeses in a restaurant very much alike to the restaurants in the Swiss Alps. There are plenty of choices and lots of food from farms nearby.

Take those perfect sunsets and stillness of water with you! That’s just all we could ever need.

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