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Out of the blue

As many things in our lives are unexpected, in 2014 out of the blue, we were in Europe. So we made the most of it. French Riviera, the dream of every traveler, was chosen easily.

There was a breeze at the Nice airport and that smell specific to Europe only...A little bit salty from the sea, mixed with European cuisine, somehow old and known...A faster talk and walk and then a ride through narrow streets filled with sweet, pink flowers at every corner... Small family hotels lined up the French Riviera while the white tables on hotels’ terraces were always ready for unforgettable dinners. Of course from every terrace there was a view to the sea. Beside those tables almost every woman wore a red lipstick, while the men were elegantly dressed up. Now when everything slowed down, dozens of courses were served one after another prepared by smiling chefs. Everything smelled delicious and tasted even better. It was peaceful with only the sound of the wine glasses... And we could almost hear the waves from the beach...People just glanced at each other and smiled. From time to time sweet words were spoken in French. A light Mediterranean spring was in the air…

Azure. Nice has a big promenade where the blue color of the sea will make you feel alive a long time. Going to Cannes you will probably see many famous actors on the red carpet or even watch a movie on the beach. Tourists reserved late afternoons for strolling Rue d'Antibes equally as famous as fifth ave in nyc. Many stopped by the cozy coffee shops, or went to the top of Le Suquet to see everything from above. Or you can do both as we did :)

Saint Tropez’s beaches with mountain views are absolutely gorgeous. It’s a unique experience to swim there and you cannot escape lunch on the beach either.

And something sweet for the end of your visit could be the old village of Eze where small galleries display many beautiful paintings. That’s the place where you will fall in love with Art over and over again. At the very top of the village there is Le Jardin, a garden of tropical plants.

Gentlemen, have your best suit with you. Girls don’t forget the lipstick…It would be fine to only bring a swimsuit too... :)

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