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After two years we almost reached 50 US states and traveled abroad and it seems that our environment, climate and other outside factors don’t have a significant impact on our everyday lives. It feels the same GOOD in 118 fahrenheit in the desert, enjoying perfect weather in California surrounded by the ocean, being in the colder Cascade mountains the next day alone, or stepping on concrete, crowded Manhattan today…changing zones, languages, sleeping patterns, transportation services, homes, different customs or other things that I cannot remember any more…It’s good to know ourselves better through traveling too. As every traveler knows living with less possessions is freeing and in that way it is easier to concentrate on what we really love and what we really value. We tasted the relaxed but fully active state necessary to live this always unpredictable life. With our memory full of colors from those travels we are continuing to live the best Life we can IMAGINE...

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