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We left the desert and headed to the coastline city of San Diego to find a relaxing and very cozy atmosphere. Breathtaking beaches, sunsets, easy going people and many sunny days could describe our time there. On our way to LA we couldn’t choose which beach was the most beautiful. Laguna beach has sweet European charm, Newport beach is wilder, while Manhattan and Hermosa beaches are more urban… If you are more into driving near beautiful scenery the Palos Verdes area is a must.

Keeping our journey on the Pacific Coast Highway we stopped at Malibu where clean air and the smell of pines woke us before time came to meet gorgeous El Matador beach… Everyone knows how beautiful the Big Sur is, but still, its beauty was a surprise. Wild waves crashing over the rocks and strong winds traveled with us… From there we found ourselves surrounded by California vineyards where food tastes better and time passes slower... After seven days we were leaving and it was hard for us as always despite being happy at the same time about what was still laying before us.

Somehow suddenly we drove into the calmness of the Cascades. The state less mentioned, Oregon, is a place where starry nights are from the movies. Clean, clean air and volcano mountains were more than we needed to hike and to rest. Don’t forget to visit Painted Hills if you are in the area. A weekend drive and we were in Washington State at the beginning of our exploration.

And now I’m standing speechless before beautiful Mt Rainier! The clouds show me the majestic beauty just for a moment before darkness hides it...

‘I’m coming back tomorrow to see you again...’

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