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7 days in the Sonoran Desert

Dry air. Thousands and thousands of Saguaro cacti and many other species which I still don’t know the names of surrounded us on those unreal days in Tucson. The magical views of the Santa Catalina mountains took our breaths every time we passed by. Saguaro National Park and hiking gave us a closer look at the plants and animals on our first summer in the desert. We even saw a coyote nearby...We got acquainted with the past of the people in Arizona, their gratitude and kindness while waiting for long needed rain...

We drove on a roller coaster road and saw those unbelievably gorgeous Tucson mountains where cacti, trees and flowers laid in soft evening colors. There were a few stops to admire the beauty till Gates Pass to wait for a desert sunset. Peaceful. Not peaceful as a sweetness of peace over the sea, or stillness over the mountains, peaceful as patient. And when our eyes were full of colors from the sunset, the rain started slowly and everything was just as it needed to be...Dry soil, cacti, and people... already waited patiently for it.

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