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Germans & Germany

At first, I was surprised by the warmth of people in Germany considering how they are often described. Although I was there once before on a very short trip, this time after a longer stay in Germany, I had a better picture and was delighted at how easy going and ready to solve problems Germans usually are. Our baggage was delayed and their compassion and readiness to solve the problem was absolutely phenomenal. We were very happy, despite being without luggage for six days, because of their empathy . From the airport personnel, train conductors, Christmas market workers... to the passersby, human to human interactions were on a very high level.

So, my recommendation is to visit Germany of course :) Everything is well organized but with a human touch. It’s a modern, high tech country with world famous performances, old castles and churches, beautiful nature, great highways…

It’s easy to fly from anywhere in the US to Frankfurt or Berlin or Munich... The airports are really big, but more than easy to navigate, because as I already said, everything is perfectly organized :)

For a great taste of German culture I would recommend visiting Dortmund during Christmas season… Pack light and ‘Glückliche reise!’.

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