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St Augustine Beach - family destination

Amazing dunes. Most of the time I almost forget where I am. Am I in the desert or not? And then in the distance the ocean shows its beauty reminding me that I’m still in Florida. Wide open beaches ready for exploration and everyone’s favorite activities. Riding the bike, running or just walking? Yes. It’s perfect, especially at sunset time. As the ocean was very wavy swimming is not an ideal choice but for ocean lovers it doesn’t matter…

I never saw a beach with so many kids creatively making sand castles and intensely playing in their own canals for long periods of time. There were the surfers as usual smoothly riding the waves and taking the breaths of all the interested watchers...

And if you are lucky enough to book one of the many condominiums nearby and live these vacation days almost on the beach, for what more can you ask for?

History lovers, the oldest city in the US, St Augustine is a few minutes away, across the bridge, with its old Spanish fortress and famous St George street.

So, for a cozy, family friendly environment, St Augustine Beach is a place to return to.

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