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Moments of not doing

We need time to only enjoy ourselves in the moment. Usually we are all taught to discipline ourselves to work but how do you discipline yourself to not doing anything? Whether it’s feeling the sun, watching the waves, walking in autumn leaves, or just seating and listening to the silence…

It always seems we need to deserve to not do anything, although doing and not doing are at the same level of importance in our lives. Somehow they are not accented the same in our world.

In those moments of not doing our suppressed feelings are unfolding slowly, noises are muting, excessive thinking is melting… Our body’s tension lessens and we clearly realize we are alive here and now.

With less stress our well-being improves. We are capable of finding more creative solutions in a shorter period of time and are becoming more efficient. We are more present and ready to attentively share moments with the people around us. But most astonishingly of all we rediscover the JOY in everything again.

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