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April destination - Wrightsville Beach, NC

We highly recommend Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina for a weekend or even better a week. The community is happy and grateful for living near the ocean and stunning beaches. The entire place is so active and motivates visitors to be the same. Rain or shine surfers are everywhere wearing their smiles, barefoot crossing the streets while their hair is flying freely on the wind, running to the beach to passionately ride the waves… Refreshing. Across the street many visitors grab some acai bowls in the small café SUNdays, some stay for work in the great dynamic ambience or head back to the beach with a cold drink… Everyone there is relaxed, paying no attention to what they are wearing, fully concentrated on what they are doing in these moments. Just what we all need to be :) So come for a dose of sand, sun on your face, wet feet, and some action in the water 😉

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