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The most precious gift to give yourself is to keep motivating yourself. From being grateful at the beginning to every move we make during the day, keep in mind how important it is to stay motivated. Ask yourself what would happen if you choose this action. If the end result is unwillingness to take more action, that’s a sign to choose something better.

Today was a rainy day at Wrightsville Beach, 44F and the beach was full of surfers. I felt energized just watching them. How did they feel after surfing, or how did someone feel staying in bed because it’s a rainy day after all?

Or how would you feel after watching that movie? Motivated, happy, full of hope or not? Don’t mistaken an unmotivated state for a relaxed one.

What if I force myself more today, how would I find a way to keep going tomorrow? Make everything successful, have the end result always in mind. Don’t stop the motivation flow, help yourself through mindful choices.

Last time after choosing something did I feel full of energy or with no energy at all? Did I even have regrets? What was the end result? The end result must be motivation for a new move.

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