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Simple step today

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We are traveling again. Our attention immediately started to arise. We are stepping into the unknown while our eyes are meeting the eyes of people we never met. Everything is fresh, crisp like sunrise…How aware we are and fully prepared to take action.

Why are we so present sometimes or why cannot we feel that way other times? When we are surrounded with the known or are doing simple tasks, we are slowly walking from the present into our thoughts. Everything seems too easy for us and we are confident that we could do more than one thing at a time. We are walking and thinking, we are eating and thinking, we are even listening to other people while still thinking in the background...

We are sure that we could do even more at the same time. We could, but at the end we are not anymore in the present. When we aren’t in the present we are making more mistakes, our tasks aren’t finished well, we forget more often, we cannot concentrate and our day becomes messy and out of control.

We are no longer able to taste the sip of that coffee, to see the shimmering of the ocean, a tree nearby, to hear the silence, to feel our breath, or the gentle breeze on our face… We are not feeling alive any more.

So, come to the only place where life is possible, where real talk and laughter are and where your actions will take you wherever you decide to go. Come to the other side of your thoughts to be alive.

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