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Take care of yourself

Our first responsibility is taking care of ourselves. It’s a necessity in order to live a happy and satisfied life. It’s not only about taking care of our health, our body, but of our thoughts and feelings also. We must observe our thoughts and feelings on a daily basis to find the reasons why we think or feel in some way. Why do we experience sudden fear or pain or a short burst of positive energy? Why are our thoughts scattered or why are we concentrating so well? Do we need to change something or not? Also, are our decisions really our decisions or not? Trustfulness. Are we truthful to ourselves? If we are influenced by others we’ll ruin it. How would we feel then?

If we take care of our feelings, we’ll take care of other people’s feelings and if we don’t care for our thoughts, we’ll not care about the thoughts of others too…

Gentleness, understanding and forgiveness towards ourselves are part of that care and will reflect in the same way towards our neighbors, friends, families,…

Of course, there is a healthy level for self-love, and overdoing it would result in the same as not taking care of yourself at all. Obsession with ourselves would isolate us and give us dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

What are your thoughts about that? Are you taking care of yourself and how? Tell me about that in the comments below.

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