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In this moment in February 2018 at our homes we are living and doing something... Tomorrow we’ll be going to some usual places and meeting some known faces… We often say that we love something or that we do not. We say that something is just not ‘us’ or in our area of interest… Is that a whole picture of us or just a very limited small part? What if we could be transferred in the moment to some other place doing totally different things with people we thought aren’t compatible at all? Are we really incompatible or are we not matching because of many other factors? Who knows what would happen then if one or more factors are changed? Maybe then we would choose to think and do differently. Would we then be seeing people around us differently too? How would we see ourselves? As we don’t need to wait for any outside change, we can be that Changer. We can change our surroundings, people we meet regularly, we can change our jobs… In that way we could discover two, three or unlimited other parts of the whole picture of us.

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