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Without Regrets

Many people are talking about living a life without regrets. For some that means trying everything in their career life, and growing in that aspect of life as much as possible,… For other people knowing oneself much better and in that way reaching a life with no regrets. Some choose to indulge themselves with everything, starting with food, material things and so on…The monks of every religion, on the other hand, grow all their lives in their love for God. Others’ decision is to help people in need, so for instance they go into poorer countries to help in any way they can. Others are doing the same in their communities,…

Till our last breath it seems of great priority to think about that topic. All our lives we are surrounded with a big mess of information and never have time to sort it out. In that way some important questions stay on a waiting list behind many ones which are even without any value.

So, today on a rainy winter day I thought- ‘What does it mean for me to live a life without regrets? What values am I carrying inside myself? Are those really my values or values of society and people surrounding me throughout my life?' This is just one decision we have to make. What does it mean for you to live a life without regrets?

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