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Our last trip was one more unforgettable month in our lives. We met people selflessly giving their time, others giving their money to unknown street artists, travelers caring for kids in need who don’t have a chance to travel,…From country to country we saw people willingly helping each other to solve problems, compassionate to each other. We saw many good things around us and everything made us happy. Yes, we also saw many beautiful cities, Mozart’s birth town Salzburg, Austrian stunning Alps, gorgeous German cathedrals, beautiful Italian squares, Slovenian lakes, Adriatic Sea… We tried new things and we had new experiences but the most significant were still the people and the good they did for others. They became the role models for those they met. That matters the most and will stay the longest within us. There are good people everywhere, but we just need to patiently look for them. It’s time to turn our heads to the people who deserve to be seen.

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