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Flying with Icelandair to Europe?

It can be one of the shortest possible flights for an excellent price. For example you can fly from NYC to Paris or Frankfurt from around $400 (round trip). You just have one quick transfer in Keflavik in Iceland without even having to wait for your next flight. When you reach Paris or Frankfurt, you can be at any other destination in Europe for a great price. As a bonus you might visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre…Even after your hotel and food expenses you will still get more value than using other flight companies. Unleash your creativity and get more from your next trip in Europe. If you don’t like turbulence then you must know that there is more turbulence flying with Boeing 757 which is the mostly used smaller plane for these trips. But on the contrary to bigger planes where it’s always crowded, Icelandair’s flights are more relaxed and the atmosphere is homey. As a result the crew has more time for each passenger. It’s your choice. Using the Icelandair website and becoming a member is a good idea even if you don’t know about your future flying. Who knows maybe someday you will become a frequent flier. The food is not included in the ticket price, but you can always buy a meal on-board (we tried their amazing salad) or you can bring your own favorite food. Don’t forget to not carry any liquid food or drinks. There is wifi for purchase (4 euros for shorter flights and 9 euros for longer flights) and it worked very well for us. The entertainment is excellent too and in our opinion has the best touch screen we have ever used during our flights. There are plenty of new movies, tv shows, music and stunning videos of Iceland’s nature. Most importantly there is much more legroom than in other planes so that’s a big plus for them. If you have a smaller instrument like a violin it’s a good idea to write that as a note during your booking process but if you somehow forget to mention it an absolutely phenomenal staff will give you permission anyway to carry it on-board. For bigger instruments it would be the best to inform them directly on the phone. But there are more good things to say about Icelandair. With your ticket for any destination in Europe you can have a stopover up to seven days in Reykjavik without any additional airfare. Maybe the next time will be the time when we see the northern lights…

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