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Evening in Verona

The smell of perfumes, sound of steps on cobblestones, sweet Italian talks and smiles around were all like a familiar hug on the streets that evening in Verona. The richly decorated Christmas trees and lots of lights almost everywhere brightened the old buildings and the elegant clothes in shop windows, pointing out that the holidays are coming. Hot cocoa warmed our hands while the soft Italian winter’s breeze touched our face. Without even talking we enjoyed the present moment, collecting every sound, every smell and every sip of cocoa feeling the life in Italy again.

Juliet’s balcony, locks, people’s stories, the Roman amphitheatre, museums, piazza Bra and Erbe, all were there…for us to experience and to bring freely within wherever we decided to go…

So stay prepared because in our next post we are talking about how to organize strategically during a stay in Verona to fully experience Italy.

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