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Thanksgiving in Outer Banks, NC

Being thankful every day through our lives is for me essential. We were all around the US this year and on our way Thanksgiving found us in Outer Banks. Wide open beaches ready to be conquered, places where the Wright Brothers took their first flights and warm hospitality of residents will stay long within us in upcoming years. We found that little coffee shop Outer Bean in Kitty Hawk where the always smiling crew made us excellent and organic coffee. Their menu is full with different kinds of salads, snacks and smoothies...

While you are there don't forget to visit Kitty Hawk pier where kids often play while their fathers and grandfathers fish :) The weather is still warm so it's perfect to stay outside, enjoying the sunshine. Did you ever notice how happy we all are after being a while outside? How calm we are after nature nourished us?

If you like not so busy, peaceful places by the ocean and you love dunes we fully recommend Outer Banks as your next Thanksgiving destination. Jockey's Ridge has the tallest natural sand dunes on the east coast and is right there in Nags Head. Enjoying the nature we'll be more thankful and for sure more happy!!

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