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Ideal November destination - Destin, FL

Weather is just amazing here, not too hot, not cold at all, around 76 F. The breeze of the wind and shimmering of the ocean soothe us and at the same time fuel us with energy. It's ideal for long walks on the white sand beach or sun bathing all day. The prices of accommodation are much lower at this time of the year. I found the best deals on airbnb.com. The lowest price I found is 60$ per night for an ocean view 2 bedroom excellent apartment in Fort Walton Beach, just a 10 minute drive away from the famous Miramar Beach. In most cases if you book 7 days or more you have a small discount percentage. Experiment, be ready to take your time, because booking 6 days is often more expensive than 7 days. No matter how many days you are planning to stay try different dates too and see what would happen with the price. Vrbo.com is another great website for accommodations. Reviews are the most important part of choosing the right place. More reviews mean a greater chance to get better value accommodation. Read patiently what others have said about the property, location and the owner's relations with the guests. Choose what fits your criteria. The pictures are sometimes better then the reality. I love to walk everywhere to better experience the surroundings, and to have vivid, longer memories of everything...It's just not the same to drive to the beach as to walk to it :) Many times it is not possible to choose what we want and we have to choose what is the best. I fell in love with Destin three years ago online, and it was not possible for me to be here till now. This year I'm almost incidentally here. Destin was on my way to another place that I needed to be and I remembered it very well. So, now I'm here fully enjoying many sunny days. As a coffee lover I need to recommend a Hawaiian coffee place near Miramar Beach - Bad Ass Coffee. Food? Use tripadvisor.com to choose the best restaurants because most of the time I ate at home and so cannot give any recommendations. Patiently look at the reviews, ratings, pictures of food,... :) Whole Foods is also in Destin, so healthy food is really easy to get. Come when you can, the water is perfectly blue or unbelievably green and sunsets are waiting to be photographed :) See you around.

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