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Buckwheat is a fantastic fruit, not grain, and it's ideal for breakfast during your travels. In only 15 minutes you can have a rich in nutrients meal. Combine 1 cup (washed) buckwheat groats with 2 cups water and cook after boiling on reduced heat approximately 15 minutes. You can use it in the same way as cereal . Mix it with banana or coconut milk, nuts, fresh or dry fruits or nut butters...Experiment to have fun and a different breakfast every day!

Snack time

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Start sautéing 1/2 chopped onion with a small amount of water for 2 minutes. Add 1 cup (washed) quinoa with 2 cups water and cook after boiling on reduced heat covered approximately 15 to 20 minutes till quinoa is cooked and most of the liquid has been absorbed. You can add 1 organic Rapunzel vegetable cube during the cooking time for spicier taste or just some himalayan salt. Last two minutes of cooking I like to sprinkle and stir in turmeric. If you are used to the buttery taste add a bit of olive oil or 1 spoon Miyoko vegan butter before turning the heat off. Miyoko is a super tasty cashew butter which you can find in Whole Food's refrigerated section. It's even better than real butter :) Serve with your favorite tomato sauce or make your own sauce. Add mushrooms for an even greater meal...Need a small salad? How about beet salad?


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