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Staying fit while traveling

It's very easy to stay fit and eat healthy while traveling through the US. Whole Foods is a great place to shop for quality and organic food. Cooking during your travels? Absolutely yes! It's less expensive and you have more choices on what to eat. That doesn't mean you can never eat in restaurants or try local foods. If nothing else, salads are everywhere, so finding a healthy meal is not an impossible mission :) Whether you are cooking at a temporary location or at home choose fast cooking foods like quinoa or buckwheat and eat more raw fruits and vegetables...Organize your cooking considering the weather and the length of your stay at an accommodation. Rainy days are ideal for longer cooking (brown rice, beans...) How to stay fit during your travels? Travel involves lots of moving, walking, hiking, swimming or other activity specific to you... In my opinion, the easiest way to stay fit is while traveling. Also there is no time for eating potato chips while watching tv :) Traveling make you super busy. Stay tuned for easy, quick & healthy recipes!

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