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Like a Bostonian

I was amazed at the size of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It's the fourth largest museum in the US. I spent a weekend afternoon there and was able to see only half of the collections. So, if you are an art lover plan to visit the museum at least two times. The oldest music school, New England Conservatory, is very close to the museum and hosts free concerts almost every night. Berklee College, the largest college of contemporary music in the world, is also in the same area. Where to eat in Boston is more than easy to choose as Boston is well known as a dining destination. North End, the little Italy of Boston, is full of Italian restaurants and is also the location of the famous Mike's Pastry, home of cannoli. It's interesting how many tourists wait patiently like kids in long rows for their deserts. For a quick bite you may try Bostonian Regina's pizza at one of their four locations. Google maps is the perfect place to spend your time planning. Reserve one day for the Freedom trail and learn about our history. The best way to see Boston is by foot. Walk through the oldest and most picturesque streets in Beacon Hill and make great photographs, then chill out in Equal Exchange Cafe tasting Boston's unique and sharp coffee. And maybe become a little bit sharp like a Bostonian.

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