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Who are we?

When we were kids we imagined through our games to be someone else every day. As travelers we could live those different lives changing our destination. One day we could find ourselves in the middle of noisy Times Square in NYC living an urban and fast life. In minutes by subway we could be in big shopping malls surrounded by hundreds of people. On the other hand a few hours later we could slowly sip coffee in a silent village in Vermont where the only sounds come from chirping birds and waterfalls. We would shop homemade products in small, family stores living a peaceful, village life. The next day our feet could touch the warm sand of Kaanapali beach in Maui. With one hop we would swim in perfectly blue water as if this were the only life we knew. And one morning while we are climbing the mountains in California we might ask ourselves "Who are we?" We are who we want to be.

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