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Sugarbush, VT in one day

We came tired in the late evening for only one day in Sugarbush village. It seemed that no one was there, but when the first rays of sun appeared people appeared too. Sugarbush resort was full of skiers who were eager to start the day. Cheerful kids and adults hopped on cable cars and enjoyed the ride on a perfect, sunny morning. It was great to be surrounded by so many active people who knew what they wanted - skiing. As Vermont is famous for its covered bridges next we decided to see Warren Bridge. It was silent at the crystal clear Mad River where the old wooden bridge from 1880 still stands strong. We spent coffee time in a sweet little cafe, Three Mountain. The atmosphere was very homey and laid back with an excellent variety of fresh coffee, smoothies and cakes. It was a different style of life there and we felt it very clear. Slowly as the day passed we headed to Moss Glen Falls surrounded by trees and cliffs. Pure beauty was there waiting to be photographed. Taking a walk trough Waitsfield we ended our day at American Flatbread. Welcomed by young hosts, homemade salads and pizzas we enjoyed our food feeling like we were at grandma's house. Sweet, little Sugarbush village became silent once again as we arrived home. And although we were outside all day nature fully refreshed us, as did the warm hospitality of Vermont's people. Ready for new experiences we headed to our next Vermont destination....

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