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Did you ever play video games? There are always some type of obstacles and the goal is to solve them, to gather points and of course to win. It is exciting and everyone has the courage to fight. Everyone is eager to finish that first level because there are more levels to go further …

Just like in the games, every day is full of obstacles. There are small obstacles like in a level one and harder on a higher level and if our focus is to solve them we have a chance to go further, too. What would happen if we were frustrated already at the beginning of the game? We wouldn’t have a chance at all. But on the contrary we are eager to go further and those first mistakes we made are nothing, we start the game again and again because our eyes are on the next level.

If our focus is on the obstacles every day, we’ll see only obstacles, but if we are excited to solve them we’ll go further. Outcome is victory.

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