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A look out at the sea

Have you ever been to Greece? We were there unexpectedly a few years ago, and it was unforgettable. All three weeks were sunny in Parga. We chose the Lichnos beach out of many unique beaches. Lichnos is a pebbled beach, both wild and peaceful, that overlooks gorgeous hills. Although the Ionian sea is a little cold even in summer, it’s amazing swimming and snorkeling there. In the afternoon, the sun would make the pebbles so hot that it was hard to walk on them. Whenever that happened, we headed into the village, full of small, family restaurants and souvenir shops. Greek salad is always a good choice, but after trying green beans prepared in a Greek way, we were convinced, they could be too. After a little walk through the city returning to the beach for the sunset might be an option. Café bars with live music and candle lights slowly prepared us for sleep. We stayed close enough to the beach (Dolphin hotel) to hear waves during the night while we were watching the sky full of stars. Our every morning started with the warm smiles of the hosts, ‘Kalimera’ greetings from other travelers, delicious pastries, Greek music and a look out at the sea from our balcony. What more could we ask for?

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