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Sea caves in Italy

If I chose to travel today I would head to Italy again. Why? Because there is everything for everyone. There is the sea, there are mountains, beautiful lakes…People are generous, cheerful, food is the best, from pizzas to olives, not to mention cappuccinos and croissants… The smell of morning coffee, the sound of church bells, crushing waves and evening strolls through cities will fill your soul and refresh you whole. You will be more than ready for anything after that.

If you asked me for a recommendation, I would go in spring when prices are the best and weather is perfect. Maybe it is good to start in the small fisherman’s village of Vieste where tourism is just beginning , accommodations are great and pools are deep. In the center of the village there is a small market and you can find everything from big chain markets to great beaches and beautiful sea caves.

Residence Chiesiola is my first choice​. You can book the apartment here!

What more can I say than ‘arrivederci’ and enjoy every moment of your stay.

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