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Feel Aloha on Maui

It’s always time to visit Maui, especially if you like to synchronize with nature. The sound of the ocean, the wind through the palms, and the chirping of new bird species seem to speak to you about what is really important. It’s like a mirror of our present state. That’s probably because nature is everywhere, from gorgeous beaches, sand in every color to amazing mountains. You are either confronting with nature or you are within it. So if you’re a nature lover let’s pack and go.

Adventure already begins on the plane, in case you choose to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. Everything is smooth, slower than usual and big and warm smiles of the crew welcome you. No rushing is needed anymore. Rushing loses its meaning, and somehow a new picture of life is there. Hot weather and the soft wind are the first signs you have arrived at your destination which will be so hard to leave one day. So let’s enjoy everything without wasting a moment.

Maybe it’s a good idea to stay near Kaanapali beach, although every beach is out of a dream. In case you want to be alone with the ocean it’s better to choose Big beach.

Our recommendation is Papakea Resort

It’s perfectly located within walking distance from ‘Java Jazz’ cafe with live night music and strong coffee, big ‘Times’ supermarket and well known Kaanapali beach for all types of swimming, surfing and other water sport activities.

Go if you can as soon as possible. And while we are watching a Hula dance or swimming in the big and beautiful waves our eyes might meet each other with a smile. It’s ‘Aloha’ spirit for sure.

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